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Welcome to My Favorite Links page. On this page you will find a list of links that Is both interesting and informative. All the links have information that is associated with gems, jewelry, geology and the lapidary arts. Enjoy!
  • International Gem Society - This is a great site to learn about gems, the Lapidary Arts, and Gemology.
  • United States Faceters Guild - This site promotes all levels of competition Faceting, and provides valuable “How To Tips” information in a quarterly news letter.
  • www.amfed.org - The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies - A nonprofit educational federation of seven similar regional organizations of Gem, Mineral and Lapidary Societies.
  • Bob's Rock Shop - Bob’s Rock Shop has tons of information for the rock hounds: places to go rock hunting, Fossil searching, lapidary, faceting, jewelry and mineral specimens. He also has many Links to other sites that has additional information for the rock hound.
  • Cameo Jewelry - A large selection of handcrafted cameo jewelry from jewelry designer Preston Reuther.
  • Cheap Beads - The cheapest place to find beads, beading tools, and beading information online.
  • Antique Cameos.com - Fine antique cameos, some centuries old.
  • Master Wiresculptor - A large selection of unique handcrafted jewelry from Preston Reuther.
  • Wire Sculpture - Videos, tips, beads, gemstones, and more wire jewelry making supplies!
  • Dust Devil Mine - This is the mine that I get the Sun Stone rough that I have cut all my faceted Sun Stones from. On this site you will find very interesting information about Sun Stones.
  • Best Cut Gems - On this site you will learn how to “Speak the Language of Gems” and see many well cut stones of various gem materials.
  • Gemstones Calculations - This site will automatically calculate the size of your stone in carats. Also gives much more interesting gemstone information.
  • New Mexico Faceters Guild - This site has lots of information about faceting and faceted gemstones.
  • Gemstones By Daniel J. Stair - For me, the most interesting thing on this site is where Daniel explains and shows the difference between a well cut (custom cut) stone and a bad cut (commercial) (sometimes called a native cut) stone.
  • Antique Jewelry by Zella - A collection of antique jewelry from the estate of one of the premier jewelry dealers in the United States. This includes Rings, Earrings, Watches, Bracelets and Accessories in Gold, Silver and Platinum.
  • American Indian Native Jewelry - Native American Indian Jewelry. Lowest prices. Your #1 source for gifts for lovers of Native American Indian Jewelry. Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings Earrings, and Watches.
  • All Wooden Jewelry Boxes - Wooden Jewelry Boxes. Best selection. Lowest Prices. Your #1 source for Wooden Jewelry Boxes.
  • Wedding rings, Wedding bands and Bridal jewelry- Wedding Rings, Bands, Bridal Jewelry, Engagement Ring and Band from GoldenMine.com
  • Diamond jewelry, diamond engagement rings and diamond earrings- Diamond rings, diamond wedding bands, loose diamonds, wholesale diamond jewelry.
  • Loose diamond jewelry- Certified diamonds, wholesale loose diamond information. GIA, EGL certification, diamond education.
  • Wholesale Silver Rings and Charm - Sterling silver jewelry, silver charms, silver charm bracelets, wholesale.

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