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Larimar Free Form

Item: 1 each Larimar Freeform Cabochon
Material: Pectolite
Type: Larimar
Locality: Dominican Republic
Hardness: 4.5 - 5
Design:  Cabochon
Cut By: Jack Freeman
Dimensions: This Cabochon is 23.2X15.8X4.5 and will require a custom made setting.
Weight:  14.5 Cts
Price: $18.50
Note:  So little has been written about this gem that no firm value criteria have been established. In general the stronger and purer the blue color the higher the price a piece commands. The degree of compactness is important as well in determining the fineness of polish on the finished ston. Large pieces are also at a premium. Lower quality material is often very light or greyish with large areas of white or reddish matrix. So, I have priced the cabochons about in the middle of the Retail price range of same and better quality material.


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